• So, with my 21st coming up shortly, I’m trying to decide which of the two pistols I really want to buy first.

    Ceska Zbrojovka model 85.
    The CZ-85 is the ambidextrous version of the CZ75, its around $700 new. Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats) uses a CZ75

    Beretta Px4 Storm
    The Px4 is an ambidextrous polymer pistol, and is fairly compact, the msrp is around $600. Canaan (Canaan) uses a Px4.

    I would guess that mostly this thread will end up just being you making fun of me, but if anyone has any insight, i’m tired of people on actual gun forums being brand-name fanboys (“i used this one beretta once and therefore everything that isnt beretta sucks”) and liking one or the other solely because of that.

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  • Get a Sig Sauer P220 .45 Auto, noob.

  • I plan on getting a P220 at some point, but I want to carry one of those two i listed, so those are gonna come first.

  • I’ve fired Berettas and their only draw back is the heavy pull, is that one a single action or a double action? A single action Beretta would be a great gun. Not sure to as the Px4’s accuracy given it’s short length. I’ve never even heard of the aforementioned but generally with a larger slide action pistol you get more rounds considering it’s dual inline magazines and better accuracy with barrel length, generally.

    I am saving up for an FN Five-seveN myself.

  • Having fired 92FSs, "ninety two"s (lol), and Px4s, the Px4 is definitely my favorite beretta. Its got a fairly light pull, and the model i plan on getting is single/double. Accuracy isn’t much of an issue (they’re both good enough that if I ever have to use one, it wont hit something/someone I’m not aiming at), though of the two, the cz beats the hell out of the Beretta.

    FN FiveseveN = win, but they’re a bit big.

  • Definitely the CZ85. It’s a little pricier but so much sexier.